Pre-retirement programs - its time to grow up

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Tools to shift your negative beliefs around money and plan for a more prosperous future.

Time to Pause! Re-skilling Workplace for DEI

International Women’s Day and Zero Discrimination Day are a great opportunity to take the pause seriously and turn disruptive demographics into great opportunities for all!

5 Reasons Why 50-Something Entrepreneurs Are More Successful

We were over 50 when we caught the entrepreneurial bug. Dominique ditching the C-suite to start a company and me quitting my job in finance to become my own boss. Increasingly, we are not the exception but the norm.

Chill Aging @ chill factory

Jordan Friedman talks with economist and aging focused health and wellness coach Ellen Kocher about what to do and pay attention to so that growing and being older are healthier, productive and more positive experiences.

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at Taste Life Nutrition radio

Live on Taste Life Nutrition with guests Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou Shake up ,Thrive KUHS Radio/TV Denver USA -BROADCASTING WORLDWIDE


Addressing ageism is critical to creating a world in which the dignity and equal rights of every human being are respected and protected.


In November 2021, Dr. Andrew A. Parsons and the EMCCUK Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Group invited us to start a conversation about belonging and its place in wellbeing both now and in the future.

Menopause Matters (to everyone) !

It’s time we accept that menopause is not just a female issue, it’s an organizational issue we all need to take seriously and openly in our workplaces!

Pre-Retirement Programs – it’s time to grow up!

Today’s demographics mean a projected lifespan of well over 80 years in Switzerland and Europe. Depending upon when one “retires”, that sums up to 20-30 years of exciting, active life to prepare for!

Vos programmes pré-retraite - Etes-vous à la hauteur ?

La démographie actuelle annonce une durée de vie de plus de 80 ans en Suisse et dans l’OCDE. Selon l’âge où l’on «prend sa retraite», cela représente 20 à 30 ans de vie active et passionnante à préparer !

"Wake-up, Shake-up,Thrive!"​

Strategies to prepare for the shift toward an older workforce!
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