Life beyond 50 is a new world of opportunities, not a source of concern. Let us open the door for you.

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Have you ever said to yourself ?

  • I want to live life more fully and have more fun along the way
  • I need new ideas, perspectives and inspiration
  • I want to reinvent myself for this next chapter of my life
  • I’m seeking a new direction or renewed purpose
  • I wish I could start over and do things differently
  • It’s time to take care of ME!

We are so glad you’re here because that’s exactly what we do!

We work with you as certified coaches to support you in achieving your goals by helping you explore, create and implement positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.


6 weeks

Raising Awareness

Why Nutrition, Movement, Sleep and Mindfulness are the most impactful areas on longevity.
Weekly virtual 1-hour sessions focus on raising your awareness of your current situation, then tapping into the Five Dimensions of Well-Being to help you reconnect and realign with yourself and your purpose.


12 weeks

Action & Change

If you’re ready for change, tired of doing it by yourself and ready for something new, then this is the program for you.
Weekly virtual 1-hour sessions, customized to fit your specific needs, focus on behavior changes to optimize health and well-being, as well as establishing and implementing new strategies to help you reconnect and realign with yourself- and your purpose.


24 weeks

Real sustainable results

From knowing what to do to actually doing it! That’s the goal of this program.
Completely personalized and customized sessions allow us to dive deep into all five Dimensions of Wellbeing to elevate your self-care and self-development to unbelievable heights. Together, we will transform your life and exceed your goals.

Not quite sure which program is for you? Ready for a head start? Our 90-minute WAKE-UP CHECK-UP might be just for you!

Your 90-minute WAKE-UP CHECK-UP with Ellen and Dominique will provide the foundation you need to rise above and think pragmatically about your life transition beyond age 50. Together, we will discover where you situate yourself today in the 5 Dimensions of Well-Being: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Financial .

This might be the most life-changing decision you’ve ever made. Don’t grow old waiting.

The fact that you’re here tells us that you’re ready to elevate the third chapter of your life to ensure that it’s your best yet. We’re so confident that we can save you stress, anxiety, money and time that we invite you to connect with us for a quick, FREE 20-minute discovery call to see how we can help.

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Would you like to learn to coach the aging population? Our 7-Hour WUSUT Coach Training is now approved for ICF & NBHWC CE

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