les secrets suisses du bien vieillir

Kiosque: les secrets suisses du bien vieillir

Comment donner à votre vie un nouveau souffle après 50 ans? Un guide propose des pistes et des exercices pour aborder le vieillissement de manière positive. WUSUT ('Wake-Up, Shake-Up, Thrive', ou 'réveille-toi, secoue-toi, épanouis-toi') est signé de Dominique Ben Dhaou et d'Ellen Kocher, aux éditions Paul Smith Publishing.

The over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast - The Silver Edge

The over 50 health & wellness podcast

Wake Up, Shake Up, & Thrive with Ellen Kosher & Dominique Den Dhaou

There are plenty of great analogies for healthy aging. But today we’re going to use the analogy of healthy aging as a Swiss watch.

The root of our health podcast - Youtube

The root of our health podcast

How To Wake Up, Shake Up And Thrive In Midlife

Sometimes it takes for us to wake up, shake up in order to thrive when we get to the 2nd half of our lives. Shift that perspective of "my life is over" to "my life is just beginning" and that is what both Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhao

She Doesn’t Settle

She doesn't settle

Aging Is Inevitable, Growing Old Is Not

Ellen and Dominique share their journey toward working together, ageism and its impact, and how social media is changing the conversation about aging. They also review the benefits that come with aging, the five dimensions of well-being, The Swiss Touch and The Green Thumb, and so much more.

Midlife Cues

Midlife cues

The 5 Dimensions of Well-Being in Midlife and Beyond

Why it’s important to think of five dimensions of wellbeing as gears and quick actionable steps to incorporate these dimensions into our lives today!

Ombola Stephen

Life well lived with Ombala

Life well lived with Omobola Stephen

Helping individuals over 50 actively create their best third chapters by looking beyond the standard ‘diet and exercise’ advice.

Are you ready and excited to go from knowing to doing right now ?

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