Waking Up the Ageing Mindset from the Workplace to the World!

Over 60 Years of Combined Experience

Ellen and Dominque’s synergy, enthusiasm and passions, along with their experience and wisdom combine to provide your audience with a truly elevated – and interactive – experience. Whether in English or in French, their innate abilities to connect with – and relate to – crowds make them one of the most diverse and sought after duos in the market today.

Work with Ellen & Dominique

Workplace advocates

Workplace Advocates

With over 60 years of combined experience as external and internal senior consultants in dozens of multinational organizations, Dominique and Ellen serve as strategic business partners for Boards, Committees, and Executive Leaders. They bring a multi-cultural, global view to everything ageing workforce, wellbeing and success.

They advocate co-creating the organizations needing to attract, inspire, and retain the best talents possible.
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Ellen’s outgoing personality gives her an empowering energy called “contagious” by her viewers. One walks away from her inspirational sessions with the feeling that not taking action is – quite simply – not an option!

Dominique’s energy, enthusiasm and passions, along with her experience and calm wisdom, provide audiences with a truly inspired – and memorable – experience.

Together, whether on a stage or online, in English or in French, this duo has an innate ability to connect with and relate to crowds making them one of the most diverse and sought-after speaker duos in the market today.


Recognizing that nearly 1 in 3 people in the world is over 50, Ellen & Dominique confront demographic challenges at both the individual and the organizational level. Their latest book is a unique wake-up call designed to inspire the 50+ generation to grasp the modern ageing paradigm before it’s too late, to shake-up mindsets to embrace the years ahead, and to offer vision, tools, tips, and guidelines to thrive NOW.

Their bestselling book, Wake-Up, Shake-Up, Thrive! How to Lift Up Your Life in Your 50s and Beyond, has only increased their role as industry thought-leaders.

In 2003, Ellen Changed her life

By implementing simple – yet long lasting – habit changes, Ellen lost 20 kilos, fully embraced the vibrant Swiss lifestyle, and embarked on the next chapter as her most authentic self and has spent the last 20+ years helping clients and corporations worldwide do the same.

In 2019, Dominique changed her life.

After 30 years in the C-Suite leading Human Resources globally, Dominique realized that her career was no longer driving her, but draining her. At 53, she embarked on her entrepreneurship journey. Today, she supports professionals to reinvent their careers to be in alignment with their values and purpose – like herself.

A Professional lunch meeting defined their futures.

Little did Ellen & Dominique know that over food and wine, their shared passions would become obvious — the love for their country, people, food and life. That day, they realized that, by combining their 30 years each of experience and expertise, they could provide the holistic, comprehensive, approach to wellbeing that the world needs today.

Ageing is Inevitable
Growing Old is Not.

Wake Up, Shake Up, Thrive! is a unique wake-up call to the 50+ generation focused on five Dimensions of Well-Being: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual & Financial to turn disruptive demographics into productive possibilities! Elevating this transition requires an approach that incorporates all the Dimensions. Like the Gears of a Swiss watch, when one turns, the others move, too. Harmoniously.



Picture of Ellen Kocher

Ellen Kocher

  • Global Leader of the International Coaching Federation Health and Wellness Coaching Community of Practice
  • Vice-Chair of The Global Wellness Institute Health and Wellness Coaching Initiative
  • National Wellness Institute Member of the Multicultural Competency Committee
  • ICF Mentor Coach for multiple globally recognized training programs
  • Advisory Board 100Plus Remote Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Amazon best-selling author in several categories
Picture of Dominique Ben Dhao

Dominique Ben Dhao

  • Award of Excellence International Association of Top Professionals
  • United States Black Belt certificate in CEB internal communication
  • 2016 Fundamentals of the board of directors ACAD
  • Diploma in Hotel and Hospital Management Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Amazon best-selling author in several categories

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Signature Keynotes

Turning Disruptive Workplace Demographics into Productive Opportunities

This engaging talk deep dives into Workplace Wellness. The audience will understand why we cannot afford NOT to take demographics seriously, as well as discover how to turn disruptive demographics into productive possibilities for both employers and employees by exploring the 5 Dimensions of Well-Being for themselves or their organization.


Today’s demographics mean a projected lifespan of well over 80 years. Global aging requires us to re-think traditional “retirement” programs which focused only on finances. This talk is a wake-up call to shake up mindsets and change the conversation around aging so that individuals and organizations discover how to do what it takes to thrive.

Retention Matters Time to Calibrate!

Retention of older staff is more important than ever to …. This interactive talk will guide participants through a personal discovery of the 5 Dimensions of Well-Being — Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual and Financial for meaningful, thriving lives. The audience will be inspired with ideas, tips, and practical applications to get a clear and concrete picture of their priorities NOW!

Would you like to learn to coach the aging population? Our 7-Hour WUSUT Coach Training is now approved for ICF & NBHWC CE

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