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Your Single Biggest Investment Deserves a Check-Up

What’s the secret to satisfaction in life?

None of us are 100% happy or 100% fulfilled every single day, every single month, year after year.

But what sets apart those who report high levels of overall satisfaction in their lives from those who don’t?

One word: Commitment.

Commitment to themselves. 

Commitment to doing the inner and outer work. 

Commitment to those around them. 

And commitment to actively creating the lives of their dreams.

It’s a common belief that the only time in life when we can truly be happy is in childhood, before the anxieties and pressures of day-to-day life take over. We’ve all heard of the term “midlife crisis,” right?

A recent study analyzing responses from 14 million people in 40 different countries found that unhappiness peaks at the age of 49. After 49? Happiness begins to increase once again. 

But why?

It’s a question that our WUSUT community was created to answer – and celebrate!

Life beyond age 50 is a world of new opportunities.

Let’s reframe the “midlife crisis” into a midlife OPPORTUNITY!

Don’t get us wrong, we know that this can seem easier said than done. Many of us lose perspective of the long term because of the short term; we give urgency to things we can see right away instead of what we know has a greater impact in the months and years to come. 

When we lose sight of the big picture because of the immediate needs in front of us, we lose sight of our dreams, the greater vision we have for our life. Everything else becomes a priority; everything else becomes more important. We even become busy for the sake of being busy, often to our own personal detriment. 

It does not have to remain this way. With the right support, any doubt, fear, or lack of confidence or focus can be turned into an expansive opportunity.

Commit to Yourself.

The first thing we tell our clients who may be encountering doubt, fear, and lack of confidence as they navigate major transitions: you’re not alone. 

Some of the common situations we encounter in our clients’ lives may sound very familiar.

  • You’re looking to feel more seen, heard, and valued 
  • You wish you felt more integrated, involved, and inspired
  • You seek balance between your personal and professional life
  • You seek inspiration, support, and serenity in your thoughts and choices
  • You are transitioning or retiring, seeking agility, confidence, and perhaps even re-invention within or outside of your organization.

So what determines success during these moments of transition? 

You guessed it: commitment.

When was the last time you invested in your most valuable resource – YOURSELF? When did you last feel balanced in all the unique areas of your life – mind, body, spirit, finances? When did you last experience complete confidence in your next steps? 

Don’t grow old waiting. Your life is happening NOW.

NOW is the time to follow your instinct to seek balance, support, and serenity. 

WUSUT has created a powerful CHECK-UP for this very moment of transition and discovery. Your 90-minute personal check-up call with 2 dedicated, experienced coaches is an exclusive opportunity to explore and discover exactly where you are right now in all dimensions of wellbeing.

The result: you not only know, but can do the right things to ensure that the next season of your life is the most spectacular, most fulfilling of all. Accept our special invitation here.

Would you like to learn to coach the aging population? Our 7-Hour WUSUT Coach Training is now approved for ICF & NBHWC CE

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