Gift of your own legacy

The Gift of Your Own Legacy

As we enter the season of giving, be sure to include yourself in the list of recipients. The official term is called “self-gifting”. It is a way to tell the world and yourself that you deserve joy. Psychological studies even show that taking care of your own well-being makes you more inclined to do good works and be altruistic. What if your self-gifting could enhance not only your spiritual, intellectual and financial well-being this year, but those of your recipients too! Read on to discover how

One significant gift is the legacy you leave your loved ones – and the world. Rather than material possessions and money, what kind of lasting legacy will you bestow them? Did you know that extensive research shows that experiential gifts are more beneficial to the giver, the receiver, and their relationship than material gifts?

Additionally, the researchers noted that experiential gifts can have a connecting effect even if the giver and the receiver are not sharing the experience.Take the time to examine your big WHY, stay curious, and look for non-material gifting opportunities. 

Giving from what you value

Values are principles, ideals, and standards that guide your behavior and help you determine what is essential in life. Your values inform your WHY – your reason for being, and your root motivations for the choices you make.

When you think about giving, staying true to your values provides a guidepost for your decisions. It’s easy to get pulled into a mad rush to buy the perfect gift and stretch yourself thin during this busy time, and it takes resolve to keep yourself and your values ever present. 

If you value time spent with family and friends, suggest a festive gathering or activity. Do you value personal wellness? Gift yourself a new set of hand weights or an exercise class. Does gratitude top your list? Reach out to those in your life most important to you, and share your gratitude for their presence in your life with a meaningful letter. 

Before you rush out to buy a random gift for a friend, colleague or loved-one, consider that the memories you can still make with them will last much longer than a tin of cookies. 

Honoring your spiritual well-being

Your spirituality is the anchor of your life. It grounds you and ensures your ship doesn’t run aground. Perhaps you felt a whirlwind of expectations and pressure in your younger days, pulled in many directions. Now, you’ve learned from the tides and about what truly matters most. It’s not about completing tasks or accumulating more; it’s about enjoying every moment and being fully present with yourself and others. 

Our book, Wake-Up Shake-Up Thrive, provides questions to help you navigate your spiritual well-being. We’ve found that many of our clients appreciate looking inward to start living their outward lives differently. 

Prioritizing spirituality – purpose – has been proven to help people live longer, happier, and healthier lives. At times, we may find ourselves forgetting the importance of connecting with our inner spirit; when those lapses happen, it can be transformational to reconnect with one’s spiritual self. 

Furthermore, over 1,000 studies compiled by the Mayo Clinic showed improved physical and mental health outcomes in spiritually-minded older adults. 

The giving season is the perfect time to honor and nurture your spiritual well-being, as we practice those traditions and rituals most important to us.

Staying curious to enhance your intellectual well-being

Whether or not you value curiosity and new experiences, giving to your intellectual well-being will have positive effects on your legacy as well as your everyday life.

Mental decline is never a foregone conclusion. The more you are willing to learn, the more dendrites (aka cell extensions) grow in your brain. An active and growing brain boosts memory and cognitive abilities as more new cells continue to generate. 

There are infinite ways to satisfy your curiosity. Interested in becoming a better gardener? Look for classes at your local community center or college, or ask your neighbor with the green thumb to let you help plant spring bulbs or water their houseplants while they’re out of town. Have an desire to learn to paint? Watch a few videos online and put brush to paper! 

It doesn’t matter what sparks your curiosity; what does matter is taking action to keep the flame of lifelong learning lit.

Securing your financial well-being

Especially around the holidays, consumerism and overspending can shadow a potentially heart-centered giving season.

Where can you give your talents and your time? Begin by asking yourself, “What was the best non-material gift I ever received?” The answers may surprise and inspire you. Perhaps the gift of your presence (notice we didn’t say presents) is what someone really needs.

Of course, we’re not telling you that gifts for others are out of the question. A few non-material gift ideas might include: 

  • A gift certificate for an in-person class. Think dance, improv comedy, music, vegan cooking, permaculture, fermentation, foraging, herbalism, pottery, or painting. 
  • An online course from Skillshare or Udemy based on their interests.  
  • Teach family or friends how to knit, take better iPhone photos, make a photo book online, or make the best lasagna. The possibilities are endless. 

Preparing for the year ahead

Imagine yourself arriving on the doorstep of the New Year rested and ready for what’s to come. What gifts will you need to provide yourself to bring ease, joy, and positivity into that moment? What will you need to organize or plan in advance to make the most of this time of year – without burning your candle to the wick?

Many holidays from now, people who knew you will remember the way you lived your life, not what you accumulated along the way. A lasting legacy is yours to claim! This season, make sure to gift graciously without forgetting yourself in the process.

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