Our Journey into 2024 … Wake-Up to Change!

As January unfolds, it brings with it the magic of new beginnings — a canvas waiting for the brushstrokes of change. In this season of renewal, let’s not merely set resolutions but ignite revolutions! Welcome to the Age Disruptors Insider, where the dawn of 2024 is an invitation to Wake Up, Shake Up, Thrive!

At the beginning of a new year, there’s a unique energy — a promise of fresh starts and unexplored possibilities. It’s a time to break free from the ordinary and embrace a new journey. This January let’s not just dream of change; let’s live it.

WAKE-UP! Why Now Matters

  • January opens the door to 365 days of unwritten stories and opportunities for growth.
  • Your life beyond 50 – midlife – is the ideal time to rediscover and unleash your potential.
  • The choices you make in January set the tone for the entire year — a powerful foundation for a 2024 of purpose and personal transformation.

SHAKE-UP! How to Make It Happen

In the pursuit of a disruptively fulfilling 2024, it’s essential to shake-up your thinking and challenge the status quo. Here are 8 practical steps to guide you:

  1. Pause and Reflect: Find a quiet space and allocate dedicated time for self-reflection. Carve out a moment where you won’t be disturbed, allowing yourself the mental space to explore new perspectives.
  2. Question Assumptions: Identify long-held beliefs or assumptions about aging, success, and well-being. Ask yourself: How have these beliefs shaped my actions, and do they align with the life I want to lead?
  3. Embrace Discomfort: True growth often comes from stepping outside your comfort zone. Deliberately seek out perspectives, ideas, or activities that challenge your current thinking. It could be reading a book outside your usual genres or engaging in conversations with people who hold different views.
  4. Challenge Limiting Thoughts: Recognize any negative or limiting thoughts that may be hindering your progress. When you catch yourself thinking, “I can’t” or “I’m too old for this,” challenge those thoughts by reframing them positively.
  5. Seek Diverse Input: Expand your sources of information and inspiration. Follow thought leaders, read diverse literature, and expose yourself to various perspectives. This can broaden your thinking and introduce new possibilities.
  6. Visualize Your Ideal Life: Create a mental or physical vision board that represents the life you want to lead. What does success look like for you? Use this visual aid to reinforce positive thinking and clarify your intentions on the template below.
  7. Set Micro-Goals: Break down larger intentions into smaller, achievable steps. These micro-goals not only make progress more manageable but also encourage a growth mindset.
  8. Journal Your Insights: Use the template below. Documenting your journey can provide clarity and serve as a valuable reference point.

Ellen and Dominique, your guides on this journey, have designed a 5-Step Disruptive Intentions Template to help you reflect and shake-up your intentions. They both tested the concept (and really liked it!) and share their own personal examples below. Here’s what we encourage you to articulate:

  1. My Intention: In a sentence or two, articulate your overarching intention for 2024. What bold change or transformation are you committed to manifesting in your life?
  2. My Why: Delve into the deeper meaning behind your intention. What is the driving force that makes this goal essential for you? Connect with the emotional and intrinsic motivators that fuel your desire for change.
  3. How I Will Achieve This: Outline actionable steps and strategies to bring your intention to life. Break it down into manageable tasks and set milestones. Consider the habits, routines, or practices that will support your journey.
  4. What Might Get in My Way: Anticipate potential obstacles or challenges that may arise on your path. By identifying them upfront, you empower yourself to develop proactive solutions. Embrace a coaching mindset of resilience and adaptability.
  5. Inspirational Affirmation: Craft a powerful affirmation that encapsulates your intention and serves as a source of inspiration. This is your mantra—a reminder of your strength and commitment. Put this affirmation somewhere where you will see it daily and/or share it with an accountability buddy (or us!).

Download your Free Template HERE

Ellen’s 2024 Intention:

1. My Intention: To have more impact through 1) The Coaching Community 2) Leadership positions on boards, etc. It is important to link remuneration to these wherever possible.
2. My Why: I feel I have so much experience to share and impact gives me purpose. My scaling and growth depend on how I can contribute to the coaching community and to individuals in leadership. As my husband nears retirement, I want to contribute financially.
3. How I Will Achieve This: I have accepted new volunteer positions with the GWI, the Inclusion Foundation, Swiss Diversity, the WAVE Conference, and ICF Switzerland and will use this to leverage my intention.
4. What Might Get in My Way: Other paid work might take over.
5. Inspirational Affirmation(s): « Connecting purpose to prosperity.” “Empowering change and amplifying influence by fostering growth within The Coaching Community and holding leadership roles on boards.

Dominique’s 2024 Intention:

1. My Intention: As an experienced Executive Mentor and Coach, I intend to further expand my clientele of Executives and Boards in other geographies beyond Switzerland such as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
3. My Why: To serve as a catalyst for people to invest in themselves, nurture their talents and potential, and grow. I am a stimulator of positivity, inspiration, energy, and orchestrate people around a bigger purpose. I connect people to ensure the transfer of knowledge, experience, and ideas.
4. How I Will Achieve This: Speaking at several engagements in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, reconnecting and leveraging my network in these geographies, and applying for Board roles where my experience in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia will be valued.
4. What Might Get in My Way: Getting caught up in local assignments and activities that take too much time.
5. Inspirational Affirmation: “Dare to Shine with a Growth Mindset.” Now is the time to shine beyond. I can inspire, show the way, share my experience to play big and be free to impact with confidence.


Thriving is a mindset. Every day is an opportunity for growth. Just picture a life where physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and financial aspects harmonize. The specific actions you take now can contribute to improved longevity, ensuring a vibrant life well into the future.

Remember that your best years are not behind; they are right in front of you! We’d love to hear what you have in mind in the comments.

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