Ready for Take-Off for Entrepreneurs (or those considering it!)!

Your initial ascent into discovering your purpose and fulfilment as an entrepreneur over 50 

This is for you if you are an entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one) looking to

  • Optimize business and balance
  • Enhance your confidence for this next chapter of life
  • Live life more fully and have more fun along the way
  • Explore new ideas, perspectives
  • Get inspired for a new direction or renewed purpose
  • Prove that entrepreneurs over 50 are most successful
  • Take care of YOU!

...then it's time to take-off!

Our journey together starts
March 29th at 11:45am EST (17 :45PM CET)

These seven interactive and fun 90-minute group-coaching sessions, guided by two professional coaches, aim to inspire behavioral change in the years beyond 50.

WEEK 1, March 29

PLAN your journey by situating yourself in today’s demographic context, meeting your travel partners and defining your destination.

WEEK 2, April 5

PHYSICAL: Your BASECAMP for discovering the life-changing specifics of 50+ Nutrition, Activity and Sleep.

WEEK 3, April 12

EMOTIONAL: Understanding your EMOTIONAL ESSENTIALS to face this chapter of your life with serenity and calm.

WEEK 4, April 19

INTELLECTUAL: GEARING YOURSELF UP with projects and plans for optimal ageing.

WEEK 5, April 26

SPIRITUAL: Exploring your EXISTENCE AND CONNECTION to yourself and the world around you.

WEEK 6, May 3

FINANCIAL: Learn how and why YOUR MATERIAL ESSENTIALS no longer need to be taboo.

WEEK 7, May 31

This follow-session is for Q&A, follow on progress, and reconnect with the WUSUT tribe for sustainable growth.

Small groups for personalized engagement

A fun and positive learning experience

BONUS : Upon completion of the program, all registrants who buy the book AND write a testimonial will be reimbursed the total cost of the book “Wake-Up, Shake-Up, Thrive! How to lift-up your life in your 50’s and Beyond – Swiss Secrets to Not Growing Old” -as our HIGH FIVE to you for taking these first steps of your ascent!

Meet Your Coaches

Ellen Kocher

Ellen Kocher

Ellen Kocher is a Swiss-American economist and certified Workplace Wellness Consultant and Holistic Health Coach. With a master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching and multiple accreditations, Ellen has lived in Switzerland for three decades. She has dedicated the last 15+ years to coaching hundreds of individuals and groups in dozens of organizations to make sustainable lifestyle changes, empowering them to go from knowing what to do to actually doing it!

Dominique Ben Dhaou

Dominique Ben Dhaou

Dominique Ben Dhaou has been working in human resources leadership for over 30 years. As the founder and Managing Director of the consulting firm, PointNorth International, she helps professionals and executives reinvent careers that truly fit their experience, values, skills and purpose. In 2016, she was named "Best Professional in Human Resources.” In 2018, she was voted "Best Leader of the Year" by the same organization.

Ellen & Dominique are the perfect guides to navigate how to thrive in your 50s and beyond
The program was full of insights, tools, and practical steps to embrace balanced well-being and achieve vibrant health to truly thrive.
My best personal take-away’s: I’m too old to have regrets. I’m too young to stop dreaming.
This course hence gave me a new fresh look at the future, with a life still full of opportunities and possibilities ahead of me.
Thanks again for a very rewarding, interesting and inspiring workshop! I am so glad I attended and am now recommending others to do the same.

As an Entrepreneur, YOU are your most valuable asset.

Isn't it Time to Invest in YOURSELF?

Don’t grow old waiting….
2 installments of CHF 450 or 1 payment of CHF880
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