Thursday, March 3rd,
18:00-19:30 CET, 12.00-1:30pm ET

Age 50+ Entrepreneur Breakthrough Session

Let’s prove (or learn) that entrepreneurship begins at 50.

Join us as we reveal the 5 reasons why founders over 50 truly THRIVE!

This 90-minute session is for you if you are a 50+ entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one) looking to:

  • Discover why entrepreneurs over 50 are most successful so that you can be one too
  • Enhance your confidence so that you develop a successful business
  • Live life more fully so that you have more fun along the way
  • Explore new ideas and perspectives so that you and your business flourish
  • Get inspired so that you find new direction or renewed purpose

This highly interactive session guides 50+ individuals through a personal discovery of the 5 Dimensions of Successful Entrepreneurship — turning disruptive demographics into productive possibilities for meaningful, thriving lives.

You’ll get:

We are raising awareness, waking-up the conversation, building confidence and providing tools and tips allowing for the creation of a concrete plan for thriving forward!


Don’t miss this unique, once-only session (not recorded)
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